Entry #1 - Beren's Journal

From the journal of Beren, son of Baror, Scout of Hammerfast

After a lifetime of fighting, I find it difficult to explain what occurred today. It may be best to start at the beginning.

A group of outsiders, mages and warriors of many races, arrived at our keep just as the Bloodspears were threatening to break through our final defenses. I hear now that they were refugees from a Kobold attack to the North-West, but that is hardly important now. When they first arrived, they came to our aid and beat back the first wave of the enemy army. I was away from the frontlines, but the stories of that battle are already added to the city’s favorite drunken tales.

What happened next isn’t entirely clear to me, but between the waves of Bloodspears beating down our door, the group met in secret to form a plan. During that meeting, it is said that one of the mages turned on their leader and attacked him. In the end, both men were dead. Yet despite that tragedy, the outsiders still came to our aid.

Every dwarf strong enough to lift an axe rejoined the front lines. I was placed directly in General Alpen’s command. He is a great warrior and a tribute to his ancestors. Even when the south flank fell, he kept our forces rallied and we were able to beat the monsters back. I had not seen the horrors of battle on this grand a scale before, but I found the strength to push forward and protect our ancient home.

While we held back the Goblins and Orcs trying to break through into the Vale, the outsiders had magically teleported to fight the Storm Chieftain himself. When we saw the enemy positions in the rear begin to scatter, a cheer went up like I have never heard. We knew the outsiders had done it. We slaughtered the Bloodspears as fear ran through their ranks. By nightfall, every monster from that horde was dead or fled. The outsiders were welcomed back to the city as heroes and the king declared, for the first time in half a century, that Hammerfast was at peace.



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